What I Wore: Taiwan

Even though my family was in Taiwan for a longer period of time, we didn’t seem to have as much fun as we did in South Korea. Of course, I am not going to attribute that to the country because in the few extra days we spent in Taipei, it was super fun. So I’m going to blame the tour we went on.

However, because of that, not only did I not vlog as much, I also did not take as much OOTD’s so, yes I stayed in Taiwan for approximately 10 days, but I definitely did not take 10 OOTD’s. So just bear with me!  Continue reading “What I Wore: Taiwan”



I’m a 90’s baby, so I didn’t grow up with Social Media. I grew up with VHS tapes, ethernet internet, and actually watching the news, not reading it online.

So when Social Media became a big thing around 2007 (for me), all my friends were suddenly connected and we could do more than what MSN Messenger offered us then: we could post pictures, write status’ as we saw fit, we could interact with our friends easily, and we could have more presence in our social group.  Continue reading “‘Likes’”


Gentle Monster ‘Cuba 503’ Review

Gentle Monster has been on my wish list for an extremely long time, and mostly because a friend of mine got a pair, and I saw how classic the shapes were. However, they are crazy expensive, so I’ve been holding off on spending $200+ on a pair of sunglasses😛

But in my recent trip to Seoul, I was at Incheon Airport, and saw their store front and decided to go check it out.

Big mistake!  Continue reading “Gentle Monster ‘Cuba 503’ Review”


Love List: Holy Grails

In the past, my Love Lists have been like Monthly Favourites. I haven’t done one of those in a long time, because I notice how it comes and goes depending on how much new products I am lucky enough to try that month. So I have decided to change up the meaning of this phrase to just be a list of things that I am loving, with a certain theme.

This first one if Holy Grails!***

It takes a lot of work for a product to be my Holy Grail. Like a lot of work. Similar to my friendships, it takes time, sweat, and a lot of trust.  Continue reading “Love List: Holy Grails”


Exploring: South Korea

I am on my way to cross two countries off my bucket list! These countries have been on my bucket list for forever!

I have wanted to go to South Korea since I was 15, so that was 6 years ago. That was when I was into K-Pop, and before it blew up internationally. But it’s still been on my list, albeit getting lower as time goes on, because I no longer obsess about it. But I’m still glad to get the opportunity to visit such a beautiful country.  Continue reading “Exploring: South Korea”